Technical checklist. On page SEO audit for 2017

On Page SEO” Checks This is the largest part on the audit. It covers how to analyze individual webpages in bulk to uncover problems with with all the site.

Check for Redirect Chains

What’re redirect chains? A string of multiple re-directs from one location to another. Why do redirect chains matter? Having also many re-directs may possibly cause the Googlebot to fundamentally quit following the chain You shed “link juice” with each redirect. How may I check for chains that are re-direct? Screaming Frog

Missing Meta Descriptions

What are lacking meta descriptions? When you don`t enter your own meta-description, Google takes what it thinks is the most descriptive section of the content and utilizes it for the snippet to display consumers in the SERP. Do meta descriptions matter? While completing the meta description has become less essential to inform the search engines what your page is about, it`s nevertheless a great place to put in keyword phrases and language which will elicit a click from the user. You miss the possibility to frame your snippet the way which you want it to study by not filling out the meta-description. How am I able to check the for meta-description that is lacking? Screaming Frog > Meta description

Title Missing

What’re lacking title tags? Not having an input into how your page is being seen by search engines titles. Do title tags that are missing matter? Page titles are a factor that is ranking, they tell search engines what your page is about. Does not give a clear indication regarding exactly what the content on the page is about to the consumer. How may I check if I`m missing ? Using the title tab.

302 redirects

What’s a 302 redirect? Tells search engines a page was moved temporarily. Do 302 redirects matter? 302 re-directs do not move SEO equity, meaning in the event you redirect a a typical page, the link worth does maybe not pass-through. Because Google believes a-T some stage you may revert back to the re-directed url it could prevent content on the new url from indexing. How can I check for 302 re-directs? Screaming Frog Redirect Checker

Check for Damaged redirects

What’re redirects that are broken? A hyperlink that takes one to an error page. Why do broken re-directs issue? Lead to bad user experience Low quality score of your website Negatively aff-ect your ranking in the SERPs How could I check for broken re-directs? Screaming Frog Google Web Master Tools > Crawl Errors

Check for rel=nofollow Stats

What’s rel=”no follow”? A command telling Googlebot not to move trust, any equity or credit by way of a link. Why do nofollow links matter: If you would like to pass hyperlink equity via an internal link on your own site or through an out bound link If you`re hyperlink building and getting no-follow links, you`re acquiring diminished returns in your effort How may I check for nofollow hyperlinks: Majestic Screaming Frog A nofollow browser plugin

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Publisher markup

What’s Publisher markup The whole website is connected by this markup to the publisher. Publisher mark-up is for organizations and authorship mark up is for individuals while they are able to be used mutually exclusive. Similar to authorship mark-up shows a picture of the creator as a wealthy snippet, publisher markup displays an overview of the the firms googleplus page on the right hand side of the screen when someone pursuit of the company by title. Does Publisher mark-up matter? It great for branding as the searcher will get a snap-shot of your company`s name, logo, tackle, images and reviews. How can I check basically have Publisher mark-up? Verify that the website is connected to your business plus page. Check the section of your website with this code

Duplicate Tags

What’re duplicate title tags? When at least 2 pages in your site have the same title. Why do duplicate titles matter? You run the chance of search engines passing over them as content that is similar or duplicate. Each page on your own site should have a clear, distinctive message. If webpages have titles most probably they’ve comparable content which might be better suited to merged together to create one strong and authoritative page using an original title tag. How could I check for tags? Screaming Frog